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Solacetree is a mobile solution offering video chats with licensed psychologists and wellness online courses to promote personal growth and mental well-being


Video chat
(consultation at your fingertips)

Video chat allows you to chat with counsellors anytime and anywhere. As your privacy is our top priority, please rest assured that you can enjoy a secured consultation anonymously.

(wellness online courses)

Our webinar courses offer you a wide range of topics related to personal growth and mental well-being. These webinars are conducted by professional psychologists that are specialized in related areas. You can choose the webinar’s schedule that fits you the most.

(keep track of your daily emotions)

Our free journal function allows you to record your daily emotions so that you could express your feelings, prioritize your problems, and review your progress anytime you want. You can choose to share your journals with your counsellor and evaluate if any further action is needed.